The Machinery Lorry in Canadian Service


The Machinery Lorry in Canadian Service

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The Machinery Lorry in Canadian Service

by Doug Knight.

Canada’s Weapons of War Series, WOW031

A5 size softback, 24 pages

ISBN: 978-1-894581-70-1

Service Publications,


Review by Peter Brown

“Armies have always needed specialists to repair damaged equipment, with weapons becoming ever more complicated and increasing use of vehicles that need has increased. By the Second World War it was realised that mobile armies needed mobile repair vehicles. These came in a variety of styles for many purposes as the equipment which they were intended to service ranged from a compass to a large truck or tank with weapons from pistols to heavy artillery as well as more mundane items such as boots and tents.

The many types developed and taken into use are covered here, both the specialist enclosed versions and those based on standard cargo bodies. Most used Canadian Military Pattern 4×4 and 6×6 chassis with lighter and heavier versions for specific tasks. Photos show a selection of complete vehicles and several interiors, while the text describes the different types as well as providing details the various repair organisations from Light Aid Detachments operating with units up to fixed workshops.

Details are also given of the work of the “Kangaroo” detachment which converted surplus M7 105mm self-propelled guns into armoured personnel carriers in Normandy.

Softskin vehicles are often overlooked by model manufacturers and modellers though some of the more specialist types offer a challenge in themselves or as part of a diorama. For both modellers and those interested in military vehicles, this is a good study though at only 24 pages it cannot cover everything.

Thanks to Clive Law at Service Publications for the review book.”


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