The Canadian Field Service Cap  


The Canadian Field Service Cap

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The Canadian Field Service Cap  

James J. Boulton and Clive M. Law.

The first ever study of the ubiquitous ‘wedge cap’ as worn by Canadians. Coverage includes the Victorian Torin caps, caps worn by the Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Force as well as dozens of examples of caps worn by veterans’ organizations, cadets, para-military groups and women’s voluntary groups. Authored by two of Canada’s leading collector/researchers; Jim Boulton authored “Headdress of the Mounted Police” and Clive authored “Fuss and Fashion“.

Of particular interest to collectors will be the coverage of coloured field service caps (CFSC) introduced in 1937 and manufactured in hundreds of colour and braid combinations. Most variants are show, in both the officer and OR patterns as well as thumb-nail histories of their design and approval by Corps or regiment. Rounding out this valuable reference is a section on glengarries. 282 pages, full colour throughout, over 500 illustrations. 



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