The 3/4-ton SMP Truck in Canadian Service


The 3/4-ton SMP Truck in Canadian Service

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The 3/4-ton SMP Truck in Canadian Service

by Andrew Larocci.

Canada’s Weapons of War Series, WOW027

A5 size softback, 24 pages

ISBN: 978-1-894581-56-1

Service Publications,


Review by Peter Brown

“During WW2 Canada had developed and produced a range of softskin vehicles generally following British requirements although with their own distinct cabs. By the early 1950s it was considered more practical to use American-pattern vehicles to replace the older fleet, both for general economy and for the very practical reason that many US manufacturers of these vehicles had large subsidiaries in Canada. This led to the adoption of the Standard Military Pattern series based on the then-new M38 ¼ ton, M37 ¾ ton and M135 2½ ton trucks.

The M37 was developed using components of the civilian Dodge Power Wagon though it bore a strong resemblance to the earlier Weapons Carrier. Vehicles for Canadian use were built in Canada and differed from their American equivalents in a number of ways. These included a larger and more powerful engine which was already in widespread commercial use and a fixed cab with insulated roof.

Considerable numbers were used by Army and RCAF units, the most common type was the basic M37CDN with cargo body of which over 3000 including some with winches were built from 1951 until 1955 along with around 400 M43CDN ambulances with enclosed bodies and over 1000 M152CDN panel vans which were unique to Canada.

Various kits to fit these out for special roles were developed, including heaters, folding equipment, several types of radio installation, cable layer, repair and wrecker sets and mountings for SS11 and ENTAC anti-tank missiles for the M37CND and different radio, command and communications packages for the M152CDN.

Background history, production and service details of these trucks from their introduction to phasing out and replacement from the mid-1970s are covered here. The text follows minor changes during production, the various kits and what they comprised, trials for versions which were not taken into service and useful colour and markings details.

It is illustrated with a number of black and white photos showing different variants in service at home as well as in Germany and on UN deployments. Centre pages are given over to 1/35th scale plans which show an M37CDN with five full views and additions scrap views covering standard and winch-equipped vehicles and a side view of the M152CDN van.

A lot in a small package and very useful for modellers or those interested in Canadian and American light trucks.

Thanks to Clive Law at Service Publications for the review book.”


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