Into the Maelstrom


Into the Maelstrom – the History, Uniforms and Insignia of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion

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Into the Maelstrom – the History, Uniforms and Insignia of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion

Ken Joyce

206 pages,

hard cover,

over 370 illustrations with 20 pages of colour photos


1. Page 40, General Browning did not take over South East Asia Command, he served as C -in- C of SEAC under Mountbatten

2. Page 43, image 53. This photo was taken in March 1945 not February 1945.

3. Page 56, Major General Frederick Browning was Commanding Officer of the Division when it began forming in October 1941 however by 1943 Major General George F. Hopkinson was in command.

4. Page 87,  A. The method described as being invented by Adam Gastron in 1932 is actually referred to as being an “injection” method. Machine injection moulding was not invented until 1946.

B. Other British manufacturers are Hopf. Products Ltd. (Kings Royal Rifle Corps) Jarrett, Rainsford & Laughton Ltd (Lincolnshire Regt. and ATS )

C. It is wrong to state that the Canadian General Rubber Company was the only manufacturer of plastic badges in Canada. While they did not make the Canadian Parachute Corps badges, the Canadian Button Ltd. and M. Wintrob & Sons did manufacture other corps badges in plastic. This explains the different methods of attaching the badges to the headdress found on the badges.

5. Page 127, This image was probably taken during the immediate post war years and not during the war. The first DC-3 aircraft arrived in late 1945.

6. Page 133, upper right. This is actually a photo of Padre Harris

7. Page 157, This is a photo of Capt. R. W. Monro RCAPC

8. Page 201, Canadian Film and Photo Unit section. The photo on page 204 upper right actually shows an embroidered film unit shoulder title. Since this photo was taken prior to 6 June 1944  (Well before the issue of embroidered titles in early 1945) it confirms that embroidered titles (of the exact manufacture of those issued in 1945) existed shortly after the design of the title was approved.


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