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Canadian Wolseley

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Canadian Women 
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Coloured Field
Service Caps

Women Warriors

Canadian Women's Army Corps

1. White coat - for laboratory assistants and dental hygienists and similar jobs, 2. Apron over first pattern washable work dress - for cooks and food handlers. 3.  Washable work dress first pattern - butterscotch-coloured dress with removable dark brown plastic buttons and washable rank badges that  could be sewn on permanently. Shoulder straps were replaced with metal shoulder titles so that the dress could be hand-washed. Permanent holes were  made for the metal titles. 4. Work coat buff-coloured for dirty jobs such as postal mail sorter, stock selecter, 5. Outdoors winter wear for jobs such as driver and those employed manning theodolites for Artillery training.  Note the high boots and gauntlets. 6. Winter and summer service dress, 7. Summer service dress, 8. Work uniform for summer. 9 and 10. Summer and winter service dress. Note model is wearing brown leather gloves in last pic. (identification provided by Doug Townend)


Army Nursing Service


Women's Royal Canadian Naval Services (WRCNS)



RCN Nursing Service


RCAF Nursng Service 1939-45





RCAF ca. 1955-1965


RCAF 1967-68

1. Nursing Sister No. 5A Working Dress (winter). 2. Officer, No. 5 Winter Service Dress. 3. Airwoman, No. 6A Service Dress. 4. Nursing Sister, No. 7 with Cape. 5. Officer, No. 8 Mess Dress. 6. No. 7 Work Dress (summer). 7. Sister No. 8 Mess Dress. 8. Nursing Sister, No. 6A Working Dress. (images courtesy DND-DHH)


RCAF 1950s

1. Summer dress tropicals. 2. Summer working dress of blue cotton. 3. Khaki summer slacks for women in particular trades. 4. Dress blues for Winter, Spring and Fall.


Para Military Organisations

The above photograph was taken at the Chateau Laurier Hotel in Ottawa. The Government invited representatives of the many women's organizations to discuss their participation and cooperation in the raisnig of the soon to be announced Canadian Women's Army Corps (CWAC)

This unidentified, airforce-oriented, para-military organization boasted a wide array of uniforms and rank structures. 1. Cadette (under 17 years of age). No rank badges, blue uniform (similar to RCAF(WD) summer uniform, light blue tie and a plain gold lanyard. The Field Service cap is of the same material as the uniform and includes a light blue flash. Brown belt, shoes and stockings. 2. Cadette Sergeant, as with Cadette but with the addition of blue on black rank badges. 3. Cadette Officer, "FS" (Flying Squadron) on collar, red on blue "Flying Squadron" shoulder badges with squadron number added. Small gold band around sleeve to denote all officers. No lanyard. 4. Leading Air Women, uniform is of RCAF blue, blue, white and gold lanyard, black gloves. 5. NCOs, as with Ldg Air Wmn,  black on white rank badges. 6. Officers rain coat, no rank insignia colour between Navy and RCAF blue. 7. Section Officer and 8. Squadron Officer. Uniform material identical to RCAF blue, "FS" in gold on lapels, brown leather belt, stockings and shoes. Blue shirt and black tie. Field service cap identical to RCAF and with small bronze wings as cap badge. buttonson uniform display coat of arms. White on black rank insignia. blue, white and gold lanyard (narrower than that for ORs. Silver bar above rank for each year of service. 9. Officers great coat. Same material as RCAF officers greatcoat. White on black rank badges on shoulders. 10. Air Commodore. As with other officers except; Pale blue on black rank badges, Silver shoulder tab to denote 'founder'. Gold star above rank to denote five years service. Red on blue "Flying Service" shoulder badge.