The "UpClose" series of booklets are designed to give the collector, researcher and museum curator in-depth information on a single topic.

These booklets are well-researched, using information garnered from archival sources. Many of the contemporary photographs used to illustrate the booklets have not been seen in publications before, and the modern studio photographs have been chosen to provide the reader with the most information possible.

Our "UpClose" series now features four titles;

#1 "Distinguishing Patches", Formation Patches of the Canadian Army, 1916-1996. Clive M. Law, $24.95, Includes 23"x32" full colour poster.

This book documents the fascinating history of the design, approval and use of sleeve-worn formation patches of the Canadian Army.




#2 "Tin Lids - Canadian Combat Helmets" Roger V. Lucy, $22.95.

NEW, Second Edition. A detailed history of the acquisition and use of stell helmets in the Canadian Army. Includes British patterns as well as Canadian development. A complete description of Infantry, Tanker, DR and Airborne patterns. Covers all Canadian useage and Canadian designs. Concludes with the modern Canadian PASGT model.


#3 "Khaki - Uniforms of the CEF", Clive M. Law, $18.95

This book examines both the uniquely Canadian uniforms as well as the standard British issues of the Great War. Illustrated with over 70 photos and line drawings.





#4 "A Question of Confidence - The Ross Rifle in the Trenches", Col. A.F. Duguid, $22.95

A new treatment of the Ross history written between the wars by the Army's Official Historian. This story has only appeared as an Appendix (No. 111) to the 1938 Official History of the CEF. 48pp, 19 Ill.
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#5 Dressed to Kill, Michael Dorosh, $29.95

An in-depth examination of the Battle Dress, Service Dress and Khaki Drill uniforms issued to Canadian Other Ranks in World War Two. Over 130 illustrations, 80 pages.




#6 Making Tracks - Tank Production in Canada, $24.95

The first ever examination of this unknown story. Based on official reports and coupled with many recently uncovered photographs. 56 pages and 51 illustrations.




#7 '37 Web - Equipping the Canadian Soldier,  CDN$29.95 (Approx US$22.50), Ed Storey

Finally a complete review of Canadian-made Pattern 1937 Web Equipment. Written by one of Canada's most knowledgeable and respected collectors. All models are shown with both front and rear photos as well as the accessories carried in the web. 80 pages, 120 illustrations.





#8 - Without Warning - Canadian Sniper Equipment of the 20th Century, Clive M. Law
The first serious study of Canadian-made and Canadian-issued sniper equipment. Included are the rifles, uniforms and optics used from the First World War through to the Afghan war

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#9 - An Officer and a Gentleman - Clothing the Canadian Army Officer in the Second World War, Michael A. Dorosh

This follow-up to the highly acclaimed "Dressed to Kill" examines the uniforms of the officer. Covered in this book are regimental distinctions, battledress, Service Dress and Khaki Drill. Release date is tentatively set at Summer 2006.






Future titles will include many more. Additionally, we encourage your ideas and your manuscripts for other books in the UpClose series. For information on ordering these or any other book from Service Publications press Contacting Service Publications.

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