"Crimson Spearhead", Ken Joyce. A follow-up to the highly acclaimed "Into the Maelstrom" this book covers the history, uniforms and insignia of the joint US-Canada First Special Service Force. 188pp., 296 b&w images, hard cover. Regular price CDN$59.95

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Page 22, This photo should be credited to Bob Schober 

Page 41, This photo is actually of S/Sgt. Allan Jamison 6-1 NOT S/Sgt Schober. 

Page 44, This photo is also of S/Sgt. Allan Jamison 6-1. 

Page 49, First sentence first paragraph should read, "Lessons learned from the French Campaign" NOT Italian Campaign. 

Page 83, Photo Caption, This was meant to say that one man wears ONLY the cap cord and shoulder loop. 

Page 93 Officer's Insignia - I state in this chapter that the fastener posts soldered to wartime crossed arrows do not have an indentation at the top of the post near the point. This is true, however some have a partial indent or seam near the point. The post war posts with indents at the top are obvious and go completely 360 degrees around the post. The WW 2 indents are less obvious and many do not have indents at all.

Page 102, Second Paragraph - This was an editing error. McQueen was not supposed to report to Washington that day. It was not until he broke his ankle that it was determined that he could not continue with the Force. He went to Washington after it was determined that Williamson would take over. This is clarified in the history.

Page 117, Unfortunately the name of the donor of this photo of Sgt. John Grantz tunic was not added by error. It is located bottom left. It was provided courtesy of Leif  Jacobsen.

Page 124, The photo top was actually provided courtesy of Bob Schober. 

Page 139, Canadian Parachute Badge section. The Type 3 and Type 4 Canadian Parachute Badges are not included because there is no evidence that the Force wore them. These badges are covered in the book on the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion  Into the Maelstrom

Page 162, The photo of the uniform top, S/Sgt. Eugene F. Specht was confused with the tunic on page 166 (Les Merha). Specht does not have a Combat Infantry Badge (CIB) . Both men served as clerks however Merha did earn the CIB when he was sent to the front lines in Italy after La Difensa due to the casualties suffered by the Force.

Page 176, image top left. Despite what I stated in the caption, this man actually wears the Type 2 Ranger ribbon made in the UK as worn by Koons on the previous page. It is NOT the mystery Type 3 ribbon.

Page 177, The photo top right was provided to me courtesy of Bob Schober. Other contributers sent me the same photo. 

Page 177, top right. I was given permission to use this tunic in the book years ago. Since then I have had a new computer and lost all the info in the old one. I tried everyting to find out who this tunic belonged to. This included asking many big collectors in the US. If this is your tunic I apologise for the lack of credit. I would like to hear from the owner.

Bibliography - First entry should read Banas, Gary.