The Canadian Military Motorcycle

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"The Canadian Military Motorcycle" Clive M. Law.  Photographic history of the use (and abuse) of motorcycles in the Canadian military. Starting with the first use of an armed motorcycle in the Canadian Militia in 1908 and continuing to Canadians training Afghan forces on motorcycle ridership skills. The book is divided into a number of chapters that address the use by Canadian Provost Corps, Signal Corps, repair, Display teams and much more. Over 90% of the photos have never before been published. 196 pages, over 450 illustrations. 

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Errata - The text on page 73 was inadvertently cut off. The paragraph should read;

"When applied to motorcycles, these unit signs were placed on the front and rear fenders until mid-1944 at which time they were moved to the gas tank. This caused the WD number to be moved to the front fender."

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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"This book covers military motorcycles from, unbeliveably, before WWI to 1997 when the Canadian Military, sadly disposed of the last of their two-wheeled fleet. It is an absolutely fascinating chapter in our history and is presented in a comfortable and inclusive format with exceptional photographs. The photographic history alone is worth the book, but the clear and very interesting text describes everything from the men, clothing, bikes, training and specific war theatres where motorcycles were deployed. I am not generally a military history buff, but this is reivetting fare. Altogether, and extremely interseting book ... a keeper."

Alison Green, editor, "The CVMG News," Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group (CVMG) , July 2010, Vol. 43., No.7