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"Jump Wings" Ken Joyce. A detailed study of the many types and styles of 'wings' worn by the Canadian Army, from 1943 to the present. CDN$39.95

"Canadian Vehicles in Korea" Don Dingwall. A pctorial study of the softskin, support and armoured vehicles used in the Korean War by Canadians. This valuable reference includes colour markings charts, and complete War Establishment. This book sets the standard for vehicle books. CDN$59.95

"Canada's Pride - the Ram Tank and its Variants" Roger Lucy. Several years in the making this definitive book tells the unknown story of Canada's tank - the Ram. Based solely on original reserch at Library & Archives Canada, the UK National Archives, and files at National Defence Lucy unravels the story of the development and design of Ram and its variants. Included are sections on the Grizzly and Grizzly variants. CDN$69.95


"The Canadian Field Service Cap"  James J. Boulton and Clive M. Law. The first ever study of the ubiquitous 'wedge cap' as worn by Canadians. Coverage includes the Victorian Torin caps, caps worn by the Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Force as well as dozens of examples of caps worn by veterans' organizations, cadets, para-military groups and women's voluntary groups. Authored by two of Canada's leading collector/researchers; Jim Boulton authored "Headdress of the Mounted Police" and Clive authored "Fuss and Fashion".

Of particular interest to collectors will be the coverage of coloured field service caps (CFSC) introduced in 1937 and manufactured in hundreds of colour and braid combinations. Most variants are show, in both the officer and OR patterns as well as thumb-nail histories of their design and approval by Corps or regiment. Rounding out this valuable reference is a section on glengarries. 282 pages, full colour throughout, over 500 illustrations. Sale price CDN$29.95 (was $59.95)


"The History of Messes in the Canadian Army" Anthony Kellett. An exhaustive study of the Messes of the Canadian Army, the traditions, buildings, rooms and activities of what used to be the social hub of a Regiment. Sale price CDN$34.95 (was $69.95)

"The Canadian Military Motorcycle" Clive M. Law.  Photographic history of the use (and abuse) of motorcycles in the Canadian military. Starting with the first use of an armed motorcycle in the Canadian Militia in 1908 and continuing to Canadians training Afghan forces on motorcycle ridership skills. The book is divided into a number of chapters that address the use by Canadian Provost Corps, Signal Corps, repair, Display teams and much more. Over 90% of the photos have never before been published. 196 pages, over 450 illustrations. 

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Special Sale Price $29.95



SPB068 - "Old Colours Never Die" A History of Regimental Colours and Military Flags, Frank Dunbar and J. H. Harper, 320pp, CDN$34.95

A compilation of the history and location of Regimental Colours, flags, pennants and related regulations of the Canadian Army, Navy and Air Force, from the earliest days to 1990. Incudes 40 pages of illustrations, of which 12 are in full colour.

Re-printed in 2013. Additonal images have been included and the book is now available in a quality hard cover format. Sale price CDN$34.95 (was $69.95)


SPB067 - A Source of Pride, Badges of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1918, J. H. Harper, 160pp,

This fascinating book examines the use and approval of cap, collar and brass shoulder titles of the CEF. Based almost exclusively on archival sources, this book brings to light new information on identifying official badges from unofficial ones, and war-time issues from post-war manufacture.

Re-printed in 2013. Additonal images have been included and the book is now available in a quality hard cover format. Sale price CDN$27.95 (was $44.95)



"Brooker's Canadian Army Badges - From 1920 to Unification", Chris Brooker. Service Publications is pleased to be present the most important series of books on Canadian Army badges worn from 1920 to Unification. Authored by internationally known badge expert Chris Brooker, this series of 7 volumes will examine the cap and collar badges and shoulder insignia worn throughout this period.

Each volume will run 220+ pages and is profusely illustrated, showing both obverse and reverse of the badges under discussion. Logically organized and providing a reference number for collector identification, each badge is also evaluated with an average value - current to time of printing.

Production of these volumes will be in both paperback and hard cover.

Volumes 1 and 2 are now available with the remaining volumes published every 4 to 6 months thereafter.


Volume 1 - Paper back $39.95

Volume 1 - Hard Cover $59.95

Volume 2 - Paper back $39.95

Volume 2 - Hard Cover $59.95

Volume 3 - Paper back $39.95

Volume 3 - Hard Cover $59.95

Volume 4 - Paper back $39.95

Volume 4 - Hard Cover $59.95

Volume 5 - Paper back $39.95

Volume 5 - Hard Cover $59.95

Volume 6 - Paper back $39.95

Volume 6 - Hard Cover $59.95

Volume 7 - Paper back $39.95 (in preparation)

Volume 7 - Hard Cover $59.95 (in preparation)


"Fuss & Fashion - 200 Years of Canadian Military Headdress"  Clive M. Law,  Over 800 photos of the Helmets, Busbies, Caps, Bearskins, Feather Bonnets, Tan O'shanters, Glengarries, Field Service Caps, and much more. Sale price CDN$34.95 (was $69.95)




"A Nation in Making - The Organization and Administration of the Canadian Expeditionary Force" - David W. Love

An incredibly detailed examination of the structure and organization of the CEF. 410 pages over two hard cover volumes.  Shipping will be calculated based on final destination. Sale price CDN$44.95 (was $89.95)




"A Scarlet Coat  - Uniforms, Flags and Equipment of the British in the War of 1812" - René Chartrand.

Service Publications is very pleased to be associated with Canada's leading uniformologist, René Chartrand. René is the author of countless articles and over 30 Osprey titles on world uniforms. René specializes in the early 19th century, be it Napoleonic garb as worn in the Peninsular Wars or the dress of the War of 1812. This book is a companion volume to "Uniforms and Equipment of the United States Forces in the War of 1812", published by Service Publications. 228pp. over 400 illustrations, 4 colour plates. CDN$69.95





"A Most Warlike Appearance - Uniforms, Flags and Equipment of the United States in the War of 1812" - René Chartrand.

Service Publications s very pleased to be associated with Canada's leading uniformologist, René Chartrand. René is the author of countless articles and over 30 Osprey titles on world uniforms. René specializes in the early 19th century, be it Napoleonic garb as worn in the Peninsular Wars or the dress of the War of 1812. This book is an updated version of René's iconic 1992 book "Uniforms and Equipment of the United States Forces in the War of 1812". Updated and expanded with new data this book is sure to become the new standard. 196pp. (est.) CDN$59.95


"The Churchill Tank and the Canadian Armoured Corps" - Mark W. Tonner

A detailed history of the acquisition and use of the Churchill Infantry tank as used by the Canadian Armoured Corps during the Second World War. Extensive information on "WD census" numbers and use by individual Tank and Armoured Regiments during the war. 126 pages, 124 illustrations, softcover.  $39.95 (CDN)


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"Crimson Spearhead", Ken Joyce. A follow-up to the highly acclaimed "Into the Maelstrom" this book covers the history, uniforms and insignia of the joint US-Canada First Special Service Force. 188pp., 296 b&w images, hard cover.

Price CDN$29.95




"Military Antiques and Collectables of the Great War - A Canadian Collection" J. Victor Taboika - This incredible book, an illustrated walk through the private collection of Victor Taboika, shows the uniforms, insignia, accessories and ephemra for each of the batalions ofthe Canadian Corps. In addition are chapters on the Engineers, Service Corps, MG Corps, Chaplains, RFC and much more. This limited editon printing will sell out quickly and will not be reprinted.

360 pages, full-colour throughout, deluxe binding, oversize format. Now aailable. Price CDN $100.00. Shipping is estimated at $15.50 in Canada.



Out of Print

"Into the Maelstrom - the History, Uniforms and Insignia of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion", Ken Joyce. Estimated to be 200 pages, hard cover, over 320 illustrations. CDN$29.95




SPB023 - Defending the Dominion, Canadian Military Rifles 1855-1955, D. W. Edgecombe. 168pp, 80Ill., Hard cover, CDN$29.95

The author has researched the use, acquisition and disposal of every known purchase of longarms by the Canadian Militia between 1855 and 1955. The dates were chosen as the logical commencement of Canada's Militia, due in large part to the Militia Act of that year, while the end date brings to a close the general issue and use of the Lee-Enfield No.4 rifle. This 100-year perid is unsurpassed for the design and invention of rifles. The book contains 13 appendices, a bibliography and end-notes. This is a 'must have' addition for any firearms enthusiasts' bookshelf.

SPB017 - Regimental Numbers of the Canadian Army - Clive M. Law. 48pp, 5"x7", SC CDN$14.95 (approx. $2.00 s&h)

This booklet is a 'must' for identifying Unit of enrollment. Especially useful for identifying equipment that has a name and number but no Unit. Regimental Numbers identifies by number block every Unit of WW2 as well as the pre-war Permanent Force. Additinal sections identify the numbering systems used post-war, until 1965, of Regular and Reserve Armies, Women, Nurses, Cdn Rangers and much more. 64 pp. 5x7", SC, CDN$14.95  


SPB009 - Small Arms Unit Marks - Clive M. Law. 48pp, 5"x7", SC CDN$12.95,  ($2.00 s&h).

A compilation of unit abbreviations and their locations, placed on all manner of "small arms" including rifles, swords, bayonets, lances and more. The iformation is taken from the 1914 British Armourer's Instructions and the 1924 Canadian Instructions to Ordnance.


Wolseley Helmet - Bates & Suciu
Price CDN$44.95


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