Drive to Victory - A Catalogue of Canadian Military Vehicles


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Drive to Victory, A Catalogue of Canadian Army Softskin Vehicles in Two Volumes, Clive M. Law. Price CDN$69.95. With over 1200 photos of softskin (B) vehicles, from staff cars to heavy recovery lorries, this book reviews all such vehicles from both World Wars and the period in between.

Designed so that each page will include three contemporary photos of a specific vehicle as well as a thumnail sketch of its use, body and equipment.  In the case of vehicles produced in large quantities the book offers several pages of contemporary photos.

Much of this information is taken from archival sources including the post-war AEDB reports.

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Reader's comments

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    Wow !!!  Even though I had a very good idea of what was coming I can say the final product is super.

    Well I just saw a copy of “Drive to Victory” and what a fine job.

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