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Canadian Wolseley

Canadian Cavalry 


Canadian Women 
in Uniform

Coloured Field
Service Caps

Canadian Cavalry Helmets
Images from Fuss & Fashion - 200 Years of Canadian Military Headdress, available at Service Publications

1st London Troop of Cavalry

Royal Guides 
(Governor General's Body Guard (Lower Canada))

Prince of Wales Canadian Dragoon Guards

Princess Louise Dragoons Guards (officer)

Lord Strathcona's Horse (unknown pattern)

Lord Strathcona's Horse

Princess Louise Dragoons Guards (trooper)

Brant Dragoons

Governor General's Body Guards

19th Alberta Dragoons

13th Scottish Light Horse

Governor General's Horse Guards

Standstead Dragoons

6th Canadian Cavalry (Hussars)

Royal Canadian Dragoons

Royal Canadian Dragoons

Lord Strathcona's Horse 

Lord Strathcona's Horse (officer)